Avoid Pregnancy

Anxiety, uneasiness, anger, fear, self pity, regret, loneliness, shame… there’s so much trauma one has to go through after an abortion resulting from an unwanted pregnancy. All of this could be avoided in the first place.

i-pill emergency contraceptive pill. Just one pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex is all it takes to prevent a possible pregnancy and a traumatic abortion. Because prevention is better than abortion. Isn’t it?


i-pill Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Gynecologist's views on emergency contraceptive pills

i-pill is available without a prescription at all chemist outlets. i-pill is not an abortion pill.

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For more information call the i-pill helpline at 1800-22-9898 or 022-3200 0055
Important safety aspects: i-pill is neither a regular contraceptive nor an abortion pill. It is not a substitute for condoms and
does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.